Our Curriculum

All classes work on language skills, counting, number recognition, social and self-help skills, as well as large and small motor development. Through our lessons and carefully selected classroom toys, the children become aware of the world God created around them and their part in it.   

Three-Year-Olds (Seedlings)

The emphasis in our three year-old program is on the development of social skills such as learning to work with other children in a group, taking turns and sharing the teacher’s attention. We also work on independence and self-help skills. Bible stories are an important part of the day. Pre-reading and pre-math skills are also a part of the program.

Four-Year-Olds (Sprouts)

The emphasis in our four year-old (Pre-K) program continues to be social and self-help skills, with the addition of kindergarten readiness. Increasing emphasis is placed on such areas as writing names, recognizing letters and their sounds, numbers, and early math skills. Art and Science are experienced each day. Bible stories, learning about God, and prayer continue to be important components of the program as well.