A typical day for all classes involves some free-play time and

some structured time. We know that “play is children’s work,” 

and by offering quality choices, we enable children to gain

knowledge and confidence. Children in all classes have daily

jobs which serve to develop both competence and

self-confidence, as well.

Group time involves Bible stories, singing, discussion of weather, 

holidays, seasons, story time, show and tell, group prayer and

a variety of other activities. We also work together on art and

crafts, science experiments, and we eat together at snack time. 

When weather permits, there is daily outdoor play. During

inclement weather, we utilize a large playroom in the basement.

Field trips throughout the year also complement what

we are doing and learning in class.

Children come into our program with a wide variety of personalities, talents, and abilities. We help every child to realize that he or she is special and loved. Every effort is made to help each child feel secure and confident. We teach mainly through experiences that children can touch, see, hear, and explore.